Traditional and rare jams

Have you ever tasted the traditional and rare jams by Quinta de Jugais? If you have, we are sure you will never look at jams again the same way. However, if you haven’t, you should not wait any longer.  These products come from Quinta de Jugais (the Jugais Farm) in the heart of Serra da Estrela, in Portugal.  The colours and the perfumes of the real Serra da Estrela inspire them to create the most authentic products.


This is how we have come in contact with the traditional and the rare jams by Jugais. We will feature a few of the traditional ones in this post. We guarantee you that your meals, breakfast and snacks will taste divine. This is what tradition tastes like.

Pear Jam – It is a sweet and juicy fruit that gives us both flavour and vitamins for a complete experience.

Pumpkin Jam – Countryside flavour, sweetly perfumed and with a bright colour. The perfect match for the real Serra da Estrela cheese!

Peach Jam – We firmly believe that the adjective peachy was first pronounced by someone who had just taken a bite of our peach jam. You’ll just have to taste them to confirm it.

Tomato Jam – Ripe and juicy tomatoes handpicked by our specialist farmers and turned into a sumptuous jam, perfect for a comforting breakfast.

Orange Jam – The ultimate breakfast experience: an irresistible orange jam, bursting with color and flavor, to spread on a warm toast. Add to it some fresh coffee and you get an amazing pick-me-up!

Carrot Jam – Such a soothing experience! You must try this delicious jam and enjoy all the benefits of carrots, with a dessert twist.

Apple Jam – It is widely known that one apple a day keeps the doctor away. A little bit of our perfect apple jam a day can help you achieve this goal… and will surely add extra joy to your snacks.

Dream selection! Divine taste! Enjoy!