Our Fruits Variety


Why do they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Because apples are great in almost every way. Full of fiber and antioxidants, they help reduce the risk of many health concerns.


Packed with minerals, fibers and low in calories, peaches are a great fruit to incorporate into a healthy diet. Another seasonal fruit that is great reminder of warmer climates.


Every knows about oranges being a rich in Vitamin C, but they offer more than just that. They’re full of fibers, calcium and even help with eyesight.


Like others in the citrus family, lemons are bursting with goodness. High in fibers, vitamins and even potassium. Adding slices of lemon to your water can help you reap the benefits.


Pears are sweet, crunchy and just plain delicious. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, you can not go wrong with slicing up some pears for your next snack.


Pineapples’ tropical nature makes it a seasonal favourite, with great benefits including fighting inflammation, for boosting your immune system and still a great healthy treat.

Our favourite Fruits recipes