Pear in wine with baked figs

When one mentions desserts, the tendency is to automatically think about cake and chocolate delicacies. Well, rightly so. They are truly decadent and put a smile on anyone’s face. However, as we are always trying to live a healthy lifestyle, we can replace the very sweet, sugary desserts (which we should have once in a while) by some healthier, yet equally delicious, options.


That’s the case in point with a light dessert made of a Pear marinated in wine, accompanied by a delicious baked fig. This recipe is a great way of expanding your dessert repertoire, making it a perfect and unique topper to a special dinner menu for various events. Baked figs with pistachios (you made add some goat cheese to them) is a sweet and delicious option. Not many people thing about figs and pears when they are planning for a fabulous dessert. Thinking about figs and pears could definitely be the ticket to a fairy-tale ending of an evening.