Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oregano

Herb-infused olive oil is fantastic for making a special salad dressing, drizzling over a dish of pasta, or simply as an appetizer with chunks of great artisan bread.

Olive oil is the liquid gold of Mediterranean cuisine. It is, indeed, a perfect product, both delicious and healthy, and here in Portugal it’s the main pillar of every single kitchen.

Do you know the flavoured olive oils from Quinta de Jugais? We will introduce you to the first of many Quinta de Jugais flavoured olive oils: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oregano. This is what perfection tastes like when it comes to healthy, fine cuisine.  One of our best Mediterranean herbs – oregano -turns this olive oil into a southern voyage. Extra virgin olive oil is made simply by crushing olives and extracting the juice. This makes it the only cooking oil free from chemicals or industrial refining, and its maximum acidity is 0,8 degrees for each 100g.

Try it next time you visit us.