Guide to the world of Portuguese sausages

If you travel to Portugal, you will encounter a world of cold meats. Sausages are perhaps the most popular. “Chouriços” or “Enchidos” (‘filled’ in English) are perhaps the most popular. However, in the category of “chouriços” or “enchidos”, many sub-categories exist. Sausages come smoked and dried, and can be eaten as is, boiled, grilled, fried, baked or sauteed. Sometimes, they are part of a recipe and other times they are served by themselves or with accompaniments like french fries and rice.


Here are the most popular Portuguese sausages:

Chouriço – Sausage prepared with meat and fat from the pig. The seasonings vary by region, but typically include seasoned meat for 2 to 3 days with garlic and chili.

Farinheira (smoked flour sausage) – It’s a unique national sausage, like Alheira. It was invented by Portuguese Jews to have something to hang on their smokehouses faking the consumption of pork and so save them from the Inquisition. It is made with flour, which gives it its name, Red capsicum paste, paprika, wine and nowadays also with pork fat.

Morcela – (Black pudding or blood sausage) – The morcela (black pudding) is a meatless sausage, stuffed with pork blood and fat and flour or rice. The pork blood gives it the consistency and the dark colour. Spices such as cloves and cumin are among the secrets that give it an intense flavor. There is the flour black pudding (with various flours), rice black pudding (cooked with rice) and sweet blood sausage (seasoned with capsicum.