Oils and Vinegars


Rich with flavour and aroma, this white wine vinegar is made by double microbiological fermentation (alcoholic/acetic) of agricultural raw materials and is imported from Portugal.


Maille features a wide selection of gourmet vinegars, including balsamic, cider vinegar and wine vinegars. This terrific brand is a great way to add a splash of flavour to your meal.


Imported from Portugal, Paladin offers a variety of aged vinegars that are aged in oak barrels, giving them a unique flavour that is sure to spice up your meal.


Ola is considered to be one of the best mixed oils in the market and is one of Távora Foods’ best sellers. This oil comes in a glass bottle and is perfect for sautéing.

De Prado

Originating from Portugal’s Alentejo region, De Prado is a family-owned business that has planted different olive varieties to give their oil a unique character and is created using only organic ingredients.

Herdade do Esporão

Herdade do Esporão oils, exclusively extra virgin or virgin, are produced using natural methods and entirely traditional processes, preserving the pure juice of the harvested olives.


Olive oil is the liquid gold of Portugal. With a variety of gourmet oils infused with the different herbs and spices, JGS oils is sure to bring the taste of Europe to your table.