Our Groceries

In our grocery department we have almost as many imported products as we do national products. We offer a selection of Canada’s top selling brands in addition to high quality, European brands. Because we import a lot of the products we sell, we can attain better pricing and pass the savings on to our valued customers – people like you!

Whether you’re looking for gourmet olive oils, naturally sweetened jams and spreads or a variety of tough cleaning products, you can find it at Távora Foods… we’re talking imported rice, pasta, cookies, cereal, olives, pickles, beans, cake mixes, salt, vinegar, wafers soft drinks, nectars, juices, all purposes cleaners and so much more!

We now carry recognized brands of organic products, including milk, eggs and yogurt.

Our Grocery Categories

Oils and Vinegars

Quality, imported products don’t have to mean a hefty price tag. Our gourmet selection of olive oils and vinegars will add the perfect flavour to your dish at a much lower price.


Jump start your morning with a wide selection of Brazilian and European coffees. Whether you’re looking for original, bold or premium brews, you can find it at Távora Foods!


Light. Flaky. Chocolately. Fruity. Whatever kind of delicious treat you’re looking for – you can find it down our cookie aisle. We offer a quality selection of imported European biscuits.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With our selection of quality, imported jams and honey, you can make breakfast a little sweeter in a healthier way.


It’s important to keep hydrated, but sometimes water can be so… boring. Add a little flavour to your glass with a selection of quality imported juices, iced teas and carbonated water options.


We know you always want your home to look fresh and at its best. That’s why we offer a selection of tough cleaning products that are ready to tackle any job you’re facing.