We have a full deli counter with all your favourites.

Our customers can discover a world of flavour at our deli counters, where we carry some of the top brands. Our deli boasts a wide variety of fresh deli meats, including presunto, mortadella, salami, cotto, turkey and black forest ham. We are also proud to to offer deli products imported from Europe, allowing us to present our customers with unparalleled quality from the other side of the globe.

Tavora Foods also has a federally inspected sausage facility, where we make our famous chouricos, ilheiras, farinheiras and blood sausages. These are recipes that utilize the freshest ingredients and that have been passed down for generations.

Complete your deli board with our excellent variety of olives and compotes. Feeling cheesy? Add a little extra flavour to your table with a selection of quality national and imported cheeses.

Build yourself a hearty sandwich with a vast variety of delicious quality deli products.