Compal is truly natural

Compal is fruitololgy: art, science and ideology. It’s the exclusive know-how of Compal about fruit. It’s the exercise of studying, cultivating and caring for fruit to harvest, choose and make a nectar, a juice or a pulp. It’s knowing how to use the power of fruit to refresh, protect or just to enjoy.

The flavour, the aroma and the entire fruitology start here. In order to pick the best fruit, Compal works with the best fruit producers, comparing harvests and discussing ways of improving production. One of the long-awaited moments of the year is when the harvest reaches its maximum expression of quality. Picked by experienced farmers, the fruit is later packed and sent safely to Compal’s facilities. Once the freshly-picked fruit has been received, compal makes a very careful selection of each variety for it to be washed and processed as juice or pulp.

The result is delicious nectars and juices with the flavour of freshly-picked fruit. Made only with squeezed fruit and just adding heaps of passion and knowledge.

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