Simple, yet delicious, ham sandwiches

Simple, yet delicious, ham sandwiches

There are certain days when a simple sandwich will do wonders to our mood. One awesome aspect about these sandwiches is how versatile they are. With just a small twist here and there, they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and even a light dinner. Therefore, on this blog post, we have decided to leave you with some suggestions for ham sandwiches we hope you will enjoy!


  1. Ham and Dijon Grilled Cheese – Place 1 bread slice, mayonnaise side down, on a sheet of parchment paper or wax paper. Top with shredded Gruyère cheese, sliced deli ham, and Dijon mustard. Cover with remaining bread slice, mayonnaise side up. Place a second sheet of parchment paper or wax paper on top of sandwich, and press gently.
  2. Ham and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches – simple or grilled. Serve with fruit. It’s simply delicious.


  1. Ham and Manchego cheese Sandwich with Tomato Jam – The Manchego cheese (Spanish sheep’s-milk cheese) gives a heavenly touch to these sandwiches. Better when made with whole grains bread.
  2. Ham and Pineapple Slaw Wraps – For that fresh taste we sometimes crave. The sweet touch of the pineapple is the secret ingredient to this wraps.


  1. Pressed Cuban Sandwiches – A traditional Cuban sandwich packs roast pork and thinly sliced ham.  For best results, use two cast-iron skillets or a sandwich press.
  2. Portuguese Tosta Mista – A simple ham and cheese grilled sandwich. Use a Portuguese cheese such as Limiano or Castelões and white or corn bread.

Bon appétit!





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