The joys of baking with your child

The joys of baking with your child

Baking with your kids is a brilliant way to bond and make new memories. When you are planning activities for them – to keep them busy and away from technology for a few hours, think about having them in the kitchen to create, together with you, fabulous fun, delicious treats and magical memories. While baking with children can be a little messy, the time spent together is really rewarding for all of you… plus it is a great way to learn new skills.

How often do you think of childhood memories with just the scent of a certain cake baking? Chances are you too have had the opportunity to create those memories as well. Besides the quality time you spend with your child, one advantage related to this activity is the fact that you are teaching your child new skills without them feeling like they are being taught. Imagine this: they learn to measure (great for math), they are reading instructions and they are becoming independent as they tackle the recipes. Above all, they become confident human beings as they will want the whole family to try their creation. 

So, start with an easy recipe. Branca de Neve cake mix is a great way to help you ease into this process. As they develop more confidence, you may suggest new ideas. With Branca de Neve cake mix, you can bake simple cakes, you can make cupcakes, you can try fancier creations… it’s up to your imagination.

Check all the flavours for Branca de Neve cake mix at our store and happy baking.

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